Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips to Achieving Salesforce.com Certification Success

Salesforce.com has quickly risen up as one of the most reputable CRM systems used among today's businesses. Also increasing in the industry are the number of solution providers providing Professional Services for CRM systems. So achieving Salesforce.com Certifications are a crucial part in being able to effectively administrate and advance your Salesforce CRM by use of an internal administrator. There are a couple main resources/principles I am going to go over that helped me to achieve the 4 Salesforce.com credentials that I hold currently. This process and resources helped me to be as adequately prepared as I could be going into the test on exam day.
The first two resources I want to mention are the Salesforce Premier Training library and the Salesforce Partner Portal. As a registered consulting or ISV partner of Salesforce you get access to the Salesforce.com Partner Portal as well as the entire Premier Training library for a whole year per user account.

The great news is that this same Premier Training that Salesforce Partners can access is also available to purchase via subscription by any of the Salesforce CRM subscribers. This can be a vital part of your preparation and offers many great benefits.

Premier training gives you access to the full video training library for all of the Salesforce products and even many of the certification tiers. For example, the library contains the full Administrator (ADM-201) certification program and the Developer (DEV-401) certification program. Also included are many videos relevant to the Advanced Administrator (ADM-301), the (DEV-501) Force.comAvanced Developer, and the Sales & Marketing Cloud Consultant certifications. I used these resources in combination with the standard certification study guides and a live Salesforce Enterprise or Developer environment to prepare for these exams.

The standard Salesforce program certification guides are your lifeline to properly study for your certification('s). It gives you all of the areas that are covered on the test and you can use that information to your advantage. What I did as part of my preparation was start at the top of the test content section, and work line by line until I had reviewed every area covered by the exam. Here are some more general tips to help you succeed.

a) If the area mentioned is a Salesforce CRM feature, such as Salesforce to Salesforce, or emailtocase, see if a specific place exists in the system to configure that feature and study the configuration settings. Pay close attention to the options available and any help text in and around its location.

b) After your familiar with the features location and options available, search the premier training library for training on that feature and study that content.

c) Finally, if it is a feature that can be configured and set up as a test then configure it and use the training followed to build a working version of the feature. This will give you the hands on experience needed and in many cases hands on Salesforce knowledge is more beneficial than textbook information.

As 90% of Salesforce tests are scenario based its crucial that you work hands on with an instance. If you get access to a partner portal or if you sign up for Premier Training it is also important to have a live instance to test and study in. Salesforce offers 30 day training instances that are geared towards preparing for different exams. 

You can sign up for one here

I hope these tips and study recommendations help you to achieve your certification goals as they did mine.

Until next time, take care!

This article was written by Richard Kresse


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